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M. Johnson & Associates was founded by Mary M. Johnson Registered Nurse, Certified Case Manager and Certified Brain Injury Specialist/ Mary has over 24 years of nursing experience with a background in orthopedics, neurosurgery and rehabilitation. Mary Johnson and her Associates are a group of experienced and qualified registered nurses, and independent case managers with our goals of advocating for our client's best medical interest.

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Ethical Case Management

The statement sets forth ethical principles for case management practice. When applied in practice, these principles underlie right decisions and actions. Thus, they can be utilized by individuals or peers to judge the morality of particular decisions and/or actions. Ethics is inherently interwined with morality. In the practice of the health care professions, ethics traditionally had dealt with the interpersonal level between provider (e.g. case manager) and client, rather than the policy level which emphasized the good of society. Ethics deals with ferreting out what is appropriate in situations which are labeled "dilemmas" because there are no really good alternatives and/or where none of the alternatives are particularly desirable. Thus, ethics addresses the judgement of right and wrong or good and bad.

Empowering Those Recovering from Auto Accidents

Case Manager or a representative will attend doctor appointments related to patients.

1. Ensure that the orders written by physicians are received by the appropriate providers.

2. Provide referrals for attendant care, home OT evaluations, and house keeping/chores.

3. Arrange for Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy for patients

4. Arrange for transportation to and from medical appointments.

5. Work with your insurance company to ensure progress throughout the patients continued care.

6. Arrange for any and all durable medical equipment that is needed for recovery.

7. Provide education regarding injury, illness, testing and procedures.

Ethical Principles in Case Management Practice

As a professionals emanating from a variety of health care disciplines, case managers adhere to the code of ethics for their profession of orgin. In all health care practices certain principles of ethics apply. Case Management is guided by the principles of autonomy, beneficence, non maleficence, justice and veracity.

Benefits of Case Management

1. We are an independent case management company.

2. We have no obligation other than to provide the best- case management available for our clients.

3. We attend doctor appointments related to the auto accident, with our clients.

4. We can assure that our clients attend appointments and follow through with the plan.

5. We can arrange for transportation when necessary.

6. We encourage case conferences if necessary to provide continuity of care.

7. We work hand in hand with internal case managers to ensure progress throughout the continuum of care.

8. We will provide orders written by the physicians to the appropriate providers of care.

9. We work with you to show the insurance company why your services are "reasonable" and "necessary": fulfilling the requirements stated in the auto no fault law.